I Hate “FANS” who hate 2PM so much. I really wonder why you hate 2PM so much. Maybe because they are too awesome to you? You can’t handle their hotness or their awesomeness? Just mind your own group and leave 2PM, your life is tooo short to waste your time hating 2PM.

being a HOTTEST is tiring
I am a HOTTEST and sometimes I feel tired to be one. I always thought “wow, i never know being a fan can be this hard”. It hurts so much to see the see hot the boys receiving all the hates and to read lots of hateful comments. I don’t need other fandoms to love 2PM, but to respect how they worked so hard to achieve their dreams is enough. But I am still amazed by the fact that after so much controversies and so much hate they had been through, they are still be able to stand, even be stronger now. So, i guess it is all worth it. Once you knew these boys, you just can’t help but to love them.

Imagine if we got paid for fangirling.



It made me really sad when I saw that Jay Park doesn’t follow any of his former 2PM members on twitter, yet he follows some 2AM members.
It really makes me wonder what happened between them and sad because they are obviously not friends anymore.

even though Jay always says that his star tattoos on his neck were just for fun, im always going to believe that the 6 stars represent the love for his 6 2PM dongsaengs.


though now i truly support him as a solo singer. 

this is just out of random. 

When your friend gets a new haircut:

Reblogging this because of Jay :3

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